BOOTMGR missing on Windows 7 boot

After installing Windows 7 I got a 'BOOTMGR MISSING - Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to continue' message on the screen This issue happened on a system with multiple partitions and which also had a Windows XP installation and a few Windows 7 bad installations done by a novice PC user... so after he completely messed up his system he called me for help. He also had an imperious request... to keep all his files from all the partitions (pictures, videos, music, documents) so the complete format of the HDD was not possible which lead me to the BOOTMGR MISSING message. After goggling a few minutes and finding a lot of suppositions and solutions and also tried a few of them, I can gladly say that the easiest and most intuitive one worked for me. The good old Repair Option from the Windows 7 Installation CD. Well it didn't worked from the first try, I had to run it twice and after that my problem was solved... very neat right? So in conclusion if you get the BOOTMGR MISSING message in Windows 7, run the Repair Option from the Windows 7 CD. If it doesn't solve your problem from the first try, it might help you on the second try... It worked for me